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  Mortgage lenders, Banking professionals, and Real Estate Brokers use Done Right Home Inspections for property they personally want to purchase.

Giving clients a complete and unbiased evaluation of the home, cottage, or commercial property they are looking to purchase is what Done Right Home Inspections does best.

Being located in the Muskoka area, and serving Orillia, Gravenhurst and Bracebridge, we deal with clients from all over Ontario and many States in the U.S. Most clients are unknown to us prior to their calls although many of them are referral clients.  Some of the many clients we deal with are themselves realtors or brokers and we may not find this out until after the inspection takes place.

It is always gratifying to find our client is a professional within the reality field and they have chosen us to conduct an inspection for them personally.  Referrals from clients, agents, and brokers to other agents, brokers and family members for personal purchases is a clear indication we do home, cottage, and commercial inspections right.

Brokers and Realtors alike not only recommend us to their clients they recommend us to each other.

We received this from one Professional client just recently ..." I asked Joe B ( a local trusted mortgage broker ) whom he'd recommend his mother to, and it seems as though he actually recommended his mother-in-law to you. That sounds good to me." ... Graham H 

Not only did the mortgage broker recommend us to his  professional friend, we have inspected homes and investment properties for him and for other family members of his. 

This letter  was received by Done Right Home Inspections after an Inspection on a home in the Orillia, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Muskoka area.  As an Inspector all I knew was that a client needed a home inspected. The client was from a distant city, we had never met and had no other information on what he did for a living even after the inspection and prior to this letter arriving.  You can believe we were very pleased to receive  this letter as not just a letter of appreciation from a client but as a letter of recognition from a professional in their field.

Here is what one Broker had to say

"Hello Bruce
Me and My wife are really Glad we chose a true honest , extremely knowledgeable home Inspector. We found that you were very knowledgeable and very thorough in inspection and covered  all possible areas of the House. You  spent more time in a detailed and thorough inspection where needed. I've been in the Real Estate business about 20 Years and I must say you are one of the very best. ...
Tomson Joseph"

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Real EstateBroker Thompson Josheph chose Done Right Home Inspections serving Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Muskoka and Orillia to do inspections for his family.

Twice now, Tomson Joesph, a well known Richmond Hill Remax Broker, chose Done Right Home Inspections to inspect homes for his family and gave us permission to use his name and information on our web site, that is the kind of trust professionals put into Done Right Home Inspections work and ethics. 

We at Done Right Home Inspections wish to thank all our clients as we very much appreciate the trust and the referrals we receive from all of them   


In any busines a thank you letter from a customer is special and is appreciated.

People don't often take time out of busy lives to sit down and write a personal letter. Business statistics say on average just 1 in about 4-6000 customers do. I consider myself very lucky, other than the odd time when I am crawling through a 16 in high spider infested crawlspace or ankle deep in bat droppings in an old attic, I really do enjoy my job. Its the people I work for that make it worth while. Here's just a couple reasons why.


William and Sondra H
Toronto / Lake Muskoka


  Just a line to give our thanks to you Bruce. As you know we looked at the cottage on Lake Muskoka almost a month ago now and we just wanted to say thank you again.  After your summary and our discussion we went back to our real estate office adjusted and resubmitted our offer. It bounced back and forth for a while but we closed the deal finally.

I just wish I had you when we bought our home here six years ago. The inspector we had took less than three hours for our 4600 sq ft home. I learned almost nothing compared to what I learned accompanying you. Frankly if the insurance company had not insisted on an inspection I had intended to just check the cottage out with my brother. I thought I could do everything the inspector did on my home. I still think I could have but I am so glad we found you instead.
I would not have known or looked for evidence of a refrigerant leak under the air conditioning compressor. I would have missed entirely the wall furnace vent problem in the boathouse, and I would never have crawled through the attic to see the back extension was missing insulation. As you pointed out all the rest is just cosmetic. I agreed to do the insulation, well I agreed to rope my brother into doing it, and the vendor is having the air compressor and vent connector replaced. We are really looking forward to next summer already. One thing is for sure I will never look at a home as just four walls and a roof again. 
I have every intention of taking you up on your "call" me offer as I am sure to come across things where someone with experience can answer my questions more effectively than salesmen in the local hardware store. Again thanks very much Bruce It's been money well spent. In fact with the cost of replacing the compressor alone we saved money.

  You can be sure we will be recommending you to our friends around the lake. If you ever decide to travel to Toronto to do home inspections please let us know. In my furniture business I am always running into people getting ready to buy a home and after our experience it could only reflect well on my business to recommend you to them.


Sometimes we hear from realtors who's clients do not buy the home.

Home inspectors often don't know what happens after we deliver thereport although we will sometimes hear from the Realtor that our report killed the deal and they are not going to recommend me to their clients. I try to explain the house killed the deal not me. I just tell the truth.  Oddly enough less than 7 months after we first heards this from a Realtor we did a home inspection for his brother. Guess who refered us?

This was the first letter received from a client that did not buy the home we inspected 

Mr Bruce Grant

Dear sir.
  First let me say I never write letters or at least almost never but this time is very unusual. I just last week spent almost 600.00 on your Home Inspection service to do the inspection on the cottage and docks. After the inspection and based on our tour and the report we got next day I withdrew my offer of purchase. So I have spent a lot of money I have bought nothing yet and I still am happy with that, most unusual. I can only say a very sincere thank you for seeing the things I didn't and opening my eyes to some serious condition problems. My wife and I are still looking and will be in touch with you as soon as we find another prospect although I will be looking a lot more closely now.

  Sam and Yolanda S North York. 

This is just a real nice letter from a real nice family.

Bruce Grant Home Inspector

  I have been in the masonry trade with my father for twelve years now and my dad always said there is no greater complement than to have another tradesman show appreciation for your work. Bruce if you were a mason I’d have to say you sure know how to build a plumb square corner. I have been around building and construction all my life and still never really thought of the complexity and number of systems that go into making up a home. I know I never told you ahead of time what I did for a living and I had noticed the caulking in the weep holes around the picture window on our trip through with our real estate agent. I wanted to see if you would see that and I was really surprised when you did. When you also knew what that meant and what to do about it well that impressed me I admit. As we continued the inspection I actually learned quite a few things and I am very glad we did follow you through.
The great news is we bought the home to be our cottage for now. I am very comfortable taking care of the few items we found and the wife and kids are excited we will get in before the summer season! Dad is already planning a new stonework bbq center with a wet bar! In my trade I have talked to many people over the years and heard horror stories about home inspections and inspectors. You always hear the bad stuff. Not knowing anyone in the area dad told me to look for an inspector with experience in the building and renovating trades and he was right. Thank you Bruce for being as concerned about doing excellent work in your field as my dad and I are in ours.
Thanks from us all. Angelo, Rachel, and the kids
Woodbridge Ontario