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Types of Inspections Done Right! from Orillia to Muskoka



A Pre-Listing Inspection: An inspection service for the Seller, while it has many benefits for the seller the buyer can benefit too. Read about Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection

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This nearly completed timberframe home will need a Pre-Delivery Home Inspection to insure all the systems are functioning together as intended. Just like a Home Warranty Inspection, a Pre-Delivery Home Inspection done right looks at everything cosmetic as well as the standards.



A home maintenance inspection plan helps homeowners keep on top  of repairs before they become issues. photo of mid 60s home metal roof not new home but well kept.

A home maintenance inspection plan will keep homeowners on top of home repairs required to keep the home in top condition. Needless repairs are eliminated and small jobs get reported prior to becoming major issues. Read about many other special benefits in the Maintenance Inspection Plan.


Flips, foreclosures and distress sales can be great deals, You really have to look closely though because once the deal closes you are on your own. Homes like this come up every so often around Muskoka and Orillia and an experienced home inspector can help determine whether of not it really is a deal or are the issues with the home going tot cost more than it is  worth to repair and set right.You really have to look closely at flips, foreclosures and distress sales. Once the deal closes you are on your own. An experienced home inspector can help determine is it really a deal?, or are issues with the home going to cost more than it is worth to repair? Even a total gut can have nasty surprises for the unwary investor. Find out more about
Flip and Floreclosure home inspections .

New  home under construction Glass fronted with small windowed dormers either side of main prowfront. This style typical in the Bala and Muskoka area where they overlook the lakes, is just one of many new home styles being built. What they all might have to the owners benefit is an on going construction inspection, or, Phase inspection to ensure building products and applications follow manufactures recommendations, and to inspect on a regular basis the construction so as to avoid multi trade rework when one small thing gets missed or done wrong.

 Especially beneficial to owner/ builders, an ongoing construction inspection,or a Phase inspection, can help ensure building products and applications follow manufacturers
recommendations. Site inspection on a regular basis and prior to municipal inspections also helps avoid multi trade rework and holdups. Read how the Home Inspector acts as a second set of eyes on a
Construction Inspection.


This septic piping is a different type than the type found in Muskoka and area, but it does the same job It distributes the waste water after solids have settled out in the main tank. The septic system is an important system in a rural home.The septic system is an important system in a rural home. This piping is different than the type found around Orillia and in the Muskoka area but it does the same job. It distributes wastewater after solids have settled out in the main tank. A
A functional septic inspection
will determine not just if solids are getting to the distribution piping and may clog it, but if the tank should be pumped and if the home plumbing system is operating properly so as not to flood the system which would not allow solids time to settle out.

Classic older cedar lode pole construction. This family cottage is  like many constructed around the muskoka lakes region by family's in the fifty's. Single pane windows and a general lack of insulation served well in summer months, but does nothing for the modern user in winter. Many of these were built with poor foundations as well.This older style yet newly built timberframe home with its extended roof line and porch protection means these owners took care to consider the elements in building this home


are a specialty of Done Right Home Inspections


 Wonderful over the boat slips bunkie and covered deck area. The vews would be terrific from the boathouse deck on a stary night. Not as common as they used to be on lake simcoe by Orillia, boathouses need careful inspection and repairs as they often cannot be replaced.   This open boathouse,dock,and lift system is both well built and well cared for, unlike some I have inspected around the lakes.

Boathouses and Lifts

I have special inspections for these items as they are common inspection requests in my service area


These stairs winding down a steep hillside need careful
inspections.We risk our family members lives when we ignore construction
and maintenance on this type of item around the home or cottageThis crib dock needs careful inspection, while not part of a
home it does get used by the whole family.Replacing piers or cribbing
may be impossible under new rules and a buyer needs to be sure the
decorative facing is not covering up rotted cribbing or piers.


Stairs Decks and Docks
not attached to or part of a home, require their own inspections. These are often complex items continuously exposed to the elements and they can be very expensive to replace.