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Outbulidings Boathouses and Inspection Fees

Typc 2 car detached garage saltbox style very neatly done and well maintained. I did a home inspection on one similar in Bracebridge. the home had an attached single car garage so this garage was inspected separately.  Outbuildings separate from the Main Residence may be inspected under a separate contract using the same strict standards as my home inspections.

  Outbuildings, bunkies, and automobile garages, (other than the one that is included in the standard home inspection) if inspected at the same time as a home inspection will incur an additional fee of; $125.00 per 600 sq ft or portion thereof for clear space buildings like this double car saltbox style garage.



This is a  small bunkie but it still would be a big expense toreplace if let  go.Home buyers need to protect themselves with a homeinspection on  these types of structures as they are often owner builtwithout  adherence to safety or standard building practices

Fees for outbuildings with accomodations are  $230.00 per 600 sq ft or portion thereof  i.e. those having cooking and bathroom facilities etc,

If Inspections are not concurrent with a home inspection but are to be conducted separately on either type of these structures, please add $100.00 to total for applicable structure size.



Boathouse Inspections  Older closed boathouse two bays  ways missing

     Open Boat House Inspections are priced at $190.00 per 600 sq ft, or portion thereof, of clear floor/slip area.
This clasic open boat house is clearly missing the ways to guide the boats in; but then it does not look as if it has housed a boat in a while.





Boat houses with accommodation:

Are priced at $230.00 per 600 sq ft, or portion thereof.

Boat house  with living space very like those found on Lake Muskoka in the Port Carling and Bala areas

During a boathouse inspection the lifts permanently installed in a boat house will be inspected at no extra charge.

Docks attached to a boathouse are inspected during a boathouse inspection and are inspected at no extra charge.

Lifts part of, or attached to, a dock only, are inspected as part of a deck, dock, and stair inspection at no extra charge.
Inspections of individual lifts separate to a structure or dock are priced at $85.00 per unit.

Inspections not concurrent with a home inspection but conducted separately on these structures:

Please add $100.00 to total for applicable structure size.