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Boathouses and lifts

A very well done and maintained open boathouse with several lifts. Sadly many of the boat houses and lifts are not in near as agood a condition. In Gravenhurst and Bracebridge the boathouses tend to be much older and often need work.  Boathouses, because of their close proximity to water, need especially to be inspected for integrity and condition. Crib based boathouses are like crib based docks in that the underwater portions, the things hardest to see, are the most important to the longevity of the construction.

  All my Boathouse and Dock Inspections include inspection via underwater camera where applicable and provided water clarity allows it. I will also use a glass bottom viewer where necessary to give me a better picture of the underpinnings of boathouses and lifts.

Note:   Docks attached to boathouses are included as part of the Boathouse Inspection.

Kind of a 60s style older boathouse and attached dock, Even has stairs into the water for a quick dip.  I will do boathouse inspections at any time, however, larger boathouses I try to inspect in the warmer season. It has come to pass that I needed to go in the water to completely inspect a multi slip boathouse pilings and the owners were not available to move the antique boats. I won't do that again in October Burrrr!. For liability reasons I cannot move boats around so the dock/ slip areas should be clear at the time of inspection.
Open boathouse with new lift. Nicely done clasical touch in<br />
post and beam construction. I have seen a few like this in the Bala area<br />
but it seems they are more commonly being closed in around the lakes<br />
now. .   Boat lifts need careful inspection for functionality, wear, and condition. They can be a major expense as many manufactures are no longer in business, parts can be impossible to get, there are few people repairing them, and they can be very expensive to replace.