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Maintenance Inspection Plans

Our Yearly and Bi annual Maintenance Inspection Plans


photo of dryer vent improperly installed with improper slope to fan allowing water to run back down venting and collect in atic. Can lead to photo below of drywaller refinishing replaced cieling. The temp swings we see in Muskoka area make this all to common. A maintenance inspection would have caught this.   Early problem detection is crucial in reducing home ownership costs and increasing property value. Using a Yearly, or the Bi annual, Maintenance Inspection Plan gives you the advantage of having a certified, professional, inspector evaluate your home and identify in writing any items that may require repair or are close to needing service.

  After an initial home inspection, our plan schedules your property for an inspection annually or bi annually as agreed, at a reduced cost. Annual Plan customers save 40 % on the appropriate size home inspection fees. Bi annual Plan customers save 30 % on the appropriate size inspection fees.

  This maintenance inspection plan will benefit you by identifying important repairs that may be needed to prevent little issues from becoming major problems and to keep your home in tip top shape. These plans may especially benefit those homeowners who simply don't have time to deal with maintenance issues themselves and commonly hire tradespeople to do this type of work.



What is in the photo above can lead to the photo below if not caught in time

Drywaller finishing a replaced ceiling. It may have needed replacing but there is no need to replace joists or roofing as some scruples contractors might suggest. A  home maintenance plan inspection would give specific recommendations on what needed to be done and avoid overcharging for needles repairs.Knowing what small repairs need done allows time to find trades and then schedule ahead rather than trying to deal with emergencies and paying overtime rates or facing major repairs.

  As an unbiased party I can also save my customers substantial amounts of money by preventing them from paying for needless repairs, or replacements pushed by misleading or dishonest contractors.

  When it comes time to sell, as a valued Done Right Home Inspections customer you will receive several additional benefits.

You will receive:

  A final inspection under the annual or bi annual plan that is a complete Pre-Listing Inspection charged at a discounted rate.

  Customers using Done Right Home Inspections annual plan will receive 45% off the Standard Pre-Listing Inspection fee for the appropriate size residence.
  Customers using Done Right Home Inspections Bi annual plan will receive 35% off the standard Pre-Listing Inspection fee for the appropriate size residence.

  When the final pre-listing inspection is done and you are ready to list your home, all maintenance inspection customers will receive a complete documented History of Inspection from Done Right Home Inspections.
  Along with your repair records and receipts this will provide you with both a Pre-Listing Inspection report, A History of Inspection report, and all records necessary for full disclosure; thus eliminating possible litigation for unknown issues against you or your Realtor.

  As an additional benefit, when you purchase your new home, all Done Right Home Inspections Maintenance Inspection Plan customers will receive a 25% discount, on the fee applicable to the residence being purchased, for a Home Inspection anywhere within my normal inspection area.

I value all my clients

  I value all my clients and I realize some of my Maintenance Inspection Plan customers move out of the area and so my promise to those that do is that; Given 14 days notification, I will perform a Home Inspection at a reduced price of 15% off the home inspection fee, applicable to the residence being purchased, anywhere in Ontario. 

Yes, you read that right, ANYWHERE in Ontario!